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South Lanarkshire Council
1 Dec 2021 - 11:30 to 13:00
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Alex Allison, John Anderson, John Bradley, Walter Brogan, Robert Brown, Archie Buchanan, Jackie Burns, Janine Calikes, Stephanie Callaghan, Graeme Campbell, Andy Carmichael, Maureen Chalmers, Gerry Convery, Margaret Cooper, Poppy Corbett, Margaret Cowie, Peter Craig, Maureen Devlin, Mary Donnelly, Isobel Dorman, Fiona Dryburgh, Joe Fagan, Allan Falconer, Grant Ferguson, Alistair Fulton, Geri Gray, George Greenshields, Lynsey Hamilton, Ian Harrow, Eric Holford, Graeme Horne, Mark Horsham, Martin Grant Hose, Ann Le Blond, Martin Lennon, Richard Lockhart, Eileen Logan, Katy Loudon, Joe Lowe, Hugh Macdonald, Julia Marrs, Monique McAdams, Ian McAllan, Catherine McClymont, Kenny McCreary, Colin McGavigan, Mark McGeever, Jim McGuigan, Davie McLachlan, Gladys Miller, Lynne Nailon, Richard Nelson, Carol Nugent, Mo Razzaq, John Ross, Graham Scott, David Shearer, Collette Stevenson, Bert Thomson, Margaret B Walker, Jim Wardhaugh, Jared Wark, David Watson, Josh Wilson

Standard Items
1 Declaration of Interests
Minutes of the meeting of South Lanarkshire Council held on 22 September 2021 submitted for approval as a correct record.  (Copy attached)
Minutes of the Risk and Audit Scrutiny Committee held on 22 June 2021 submitted for noting.  (Copy attached)
Minutes of the Risk and Audit Scrutiny Committee held on 15 September 2021 submitted for noting.  (Copy attached)
Items For Decision
Motion received in terms of Standing Order No 19 on 12 November 2021, proposed by Councillor Nelson and seconded by Councillor Holford.  (Copy attached)
Items For Noting
Report dated 17 November 2021 by the Executive Director (Finance and Corporate Resources).  (Copy attached)
Urgent Business
7 Urgent Business
Any other items of business which the Provost decides are urgent.

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